Where is Payroll Hiring Demand Strongest?

Payroll Administrator, Payroll Supervisor or Payroll Manager? Where should you live and how easy will it be to find a role & develop your career? Will you have to move to move up?

Where should you live if you’re a Payroll Administrator looking for a new role & a step up?

If you’re looking to step up to be a Payroll Manager – Will you have to move!?

Tracking unique vacancies advertised on over 170 job boards, Payrolljobsboard.com can reveal where hiring demand is hottest over the last 4 weeks. On the table below, you can see hiring demand over the last 4 weeks for Payroll Administrators, Payroll Supervisors and Payroll Managers with unique vacancies advertised across different regions in the UK.

Struggling to recruit a qualified and ambitious Payroll Administrator? Are you advertising the right job title for your vacancy? At the right salary?
One of the reasons might be fierce competition for exactly the type of candidate you’re looking for or that you’re not advertising a high enough salary OR there are simply too few Payroll Administrators in your area. With 42% of all Payroll Administrator vacancies advertised in just 3 regions, the South East, London and East Anglia, should you consider starting your payroll career there?

If you’re a Payroll Supervisor in the South East of England, you’re in demand, but will you be able to secure a role and afford the move up to London where the hiring demand is low, and will the salary differential make it worth your while? Or could you secure that Payroll Manager position?

If you’re a Payroll Manager in the West Midlands, Yorkshire or the South West of England, does your employer put pressure on salaries because of a lack of similar opportunities?

Download our Hiring Demand overview and take a little time over Christmas to think– we’d be delighted to know your thoughts!

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