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South East Payroll Hiring Demand is Strong

Year on Year hiring demand for the South East for key Payroll job titles...  Payroll Administrator, Payroll Officer, Payroll Consultant and unique Senior Payroll Administrator vacancies advertised have seen incredible growth.

Is that because payroll is more complicated with companies trying to Auto-Enrol or implement new software? What are your thoughts?!

Posted on Thursday Jan 22


Payroll Administrator Hiring Demand up 151%

Payroll Hiring – specifically for Payroll Administrators is up a staggering 151% compared to the same period last year. If you’re a payroll administrator – does this mean you have the pick of the bunch when it comes to choosing your next career step and can command a higher salary? 

Posted on Wednesday Jan 21


Where is Payroll Hiring Demand Strongest?

Payroll Administrator, Payroll Supervisor or Payroll Manager? Where should you live and how easy will it be to find a role & develop your career? Will you have to move to move up?

Posted on Wednesday Dec 17


Recruitive Exclusive Offer!

PJB are delighted to be working with one of the recruitment industry’s leading software providers in order to bring you an unbeatable package deal for your recruitment technology needs.

Posted on Thursday Dec 4


Bookkeeper hiring demand rockets 42%

Year on Year hiring demand for Bookkeepers rockets by 42%!

Hiring demand for bookkeepers is 42% higher than it was a year ago according to data tracking services provided by – IAB Industry Partner.
In September 2014 there were 315 unique Bookkeeper vacancy adverts placed on the UK’s 150 leading job boards – compared to just 222 in Sept 2013. Offering even greater insight into our profession - @payrolljobboard provided IAB with regional salary overviews – indicating average salaries across regions around the UK.

Even more encouraging for IAB members is salaries semm to also be on the rise finally.  The highest advertised salary for a bookkeeper in Sept 2014 was £25,492 – an 8% rise on 2013 salary levels for the same period.
Jack Russell, Marketing & Operations Director for comments “There is a huge uplift in demand for qualified bookkeepers as companies plan for growth and look to expand operations. It’s a great time to be a bookkeeper with salaries rising and hiring demand increasing significantly as well.”
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Posted on Thursday Oct 2


Payroll Salary Benchmarking

Tracked from over 150 Job boards, are you earning the right amount or is it time for a move? Apply for vancies now!

Posted on Thursday May 8


Why are businesses choosing to outsource payroll?

Everyone in business wants to reduce their overheads and this will include staff costs.  Payroll functions are just one of the areas where a company can still perform this necessary service but also reduce its costs by outsourcing the work.

Posted on Thursday Sep 19


Payrolljobsboard partner with IAB announce IAB as Vacancy Advertising and Payroll Directory Partner

Posted on Wednesday Jul 17


Workday to launch Payroll in the cloud

Workday Payroll in the cloud to launch in the UK and France

Posted on Tuesday Jun 4


Garbutt & Elliot almost double payroll clients in 2 years

Garbutt & Elliott has almost doubled its payroll portfolio during the past two years.

Posted on Sunday Jun 2


Is Payroll Giving Going to Survive?

Research carried out by the Charities Aid Foundation, "The journey so far … insights into 25 years of payroll giving", found £118 million was donated via payroll by 735,000 employees.

Posted on Monday Jan 28


DWP closes auto-enrolement loophole

A "significant" loophole that would have allowed employers to postpone auto-enrolment until 2017 has been closed by the Department for Work & Pensions.

Posted on Tuesday Jan 22


Performance Related Pay divides opinion

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) survey revealed 30% of public sector workers think their salary should be linked to performance whereas more than half (54%) of those in the private sector think a salary should be representative of an individual’s work.

Posted on Tuesday Jan 22


MoorePay Reach 300 customers

MoorePay reach their 300th customer in just 6 months

Posted on Monday Oct 8