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Strike Jobs is an online GENERALIST GLOBAL job board. A unique jobs platform with an intelligent approach to employment and staffing. A Recruitment portal that is above all "Budget cutting", has video CV funcitonality, super simple registration, 3 minutes, worldwide job vacancies at the click of a button, all sector employment that also blends non-disabled with disabled jobseekers around the world. The site translates to 65 languages with 45 subsectors in 75 countries.

As a new partner to our existing Recruitment Company, (established 1990), we decided to develop an online job-board for the world job stage. In the build we took a unique approach to integrate non-disabled with disabled Applicants. We want to remove the stigmas. The lack of education and information. To engaging in the visuals, removing the stress and complications from searching for a job.

Understanding our Clients' needs is the key to making our site work well and helping everyone to find employment, from wherever in the world you are and whatever your circumstances. Everyone needs a fair chance. Find that specialist job in Engineering, Accounting, Transport, Education, Medical or Sales. Search for a job in administration or Property or Law. We are truely generalist so you can search by location, salary and sector. 

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