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Employer: Learning Partnership West Learning Partnership West
Main Contact: Sian Jeffery
Town/City: Bristol
Website: Click Here

About LPW

Learning Partnership West positively changes the lives of children and young people. This is achieved through fun events, learning opportunities and jobs to engage and inspire.


LPW is different, children and young people are our passion, focus and main driving influence. We take commitment to children and young people to the next level through direct involvement in our recruitment, our youth board and through employment within our company.

Committed to Communities

At its heart LPW is committed to communities. We are a social enterprise that makes no profit. Everything LPW does reflects it commitment to the community of children and young people and local communities themselves.

LPW believes in the strength of its communities, which all staff are rooted in, often coming from the areas that they serve.Out highly qualified, professional staff have a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience.

Trusted Adult Model

We believe in the Trusted Adult Model.Children and young people have told us that what they want is a trusted adult, someone they can confide in, build positive relationships with and who will to be there for them.

Jobs For Learning Partnership West

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