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Nothing should come between you and business.

You know why you went into business. It certainly wasn’t so that you could spend time on administrative formalities.

That’s why we have created three distinct, streamlined payroll services that allow us to sync perfectly with the way you operate. Or, to put it another way, a powerful, tailored system that goes with your flow.

No distractions. No disruptions. Just flow.

Developed over many years, Flow enables you to focus fully on your business objectives, safe in the knowledge that there is a thoroughly reliable system in place to take care of your workforce.

Flow is powered by robust HMRC-accredited software with powerful features for handling your payroll accurately and efficiently. What is more, multiple off-site servers at our safe commercial data centre ensure all your data is secure and fully recoverable in the unlikely event of a disaster. Back-ups are frequent and continuity of service is absolutely assured.

3 Ways to flow...

Simply pick the most appropriate version of Flow, and we’ll tailor it to create an exact fit for your company.

Flow managed service

Your payroll handled by our qualified professionals off-site.  Simply identify any data variables and changes and leave the rest to us, including employee payments, all your third-party payments and HMRC liaison.

Flow bureau service

Your payroll processed by your own staff using  a version of the powerful payroll software used for our Flow Managed Service. We will transmit your Bacs files and End of Year Employer’s P35/P14 return and provide you with full training and support.

Flow E-payslips & E-P60s

An option to complement both the Flow Bureau and Flow Managed services that allows your employees to access their payslips and P60s on-line via a secure, password protected web portal.

Flow Internet Payroll Service

Designed for the smaller business with light payroll requirements and some basic payroll knowledge in-house. Use the latest "Cloud" technology to process your own payroll at any time, seven days a week with access through your web browser. Simple and inexpensive with instant calculations, reports and payslips just a few mouse clicks away.

Seamless integration with your HR functions

As your business grows, so do the number of HR challenges you face.  Alongside Flow, we can provide you with advice, support, training and HR software.

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